Cloud Camp

  • Duur: 4-6 days


Getting started with a cloud platform implies working with different moving parts. Complex? Not necessarily. Our training program helps your IT team to make sense of it all and figure out what makes sense for your business

Cloud Camp unifies silos: we embrace DevOps.

Cloud migration & adoption tracks are demanding for your teams. No way around it. Providing a common goal and aligning all parties is your key to success.

How do we know? In some of our earliest projects, there was a tendency to have team A (development) and team B (operations). We’ve learned that breaking down the silos is crucial. The lack of information-sharing across teams takes a toll on morale. It prevents teams from forming trust and mutual respect.

We start by identifying skills gaps to customize your team’s training. We end with an unbiased evaluation phase. Our certified and experienced Azure professionals guarantee top-quality training.


With Cloud Camp we provide the opportunity to get all your stakeholders involved and skilled up in sync with the pace of the project. The result? Modernization, digitization continue after the delivery of your cloud migration.


IT professionals responsible for the IT infrastructure in their organization and who want to know all ins and outs about cloud infrastructure.


None required


This content will be adapted to your specific needs but will cover these topics:

  • Azure Foundation & Administration
  • Getting started with Infrastructure as code
  • Cloud lifecycle management
  • Product specific training

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