Data security? Xylos supports you every step of the way.


People are the weakest link in the security chain. How do you solve this issue? With the Security Awareness programme! Let Xylos protect your users against threats like phishing. Because being prepared means being protected.

How secure is your business? The question seems easy, but answering it can be challenging. Xylos offers IT Risk Assessment to help you establish how well-protected your business is and which improvements should take priority.

Not entirely ready for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Don’t worry, Xylos is here for you. We’ll gladly help you with a Privacy Impact Assessment and with the technical challenges.


Cyberattacks are becoming more complex each day and target all kinds of companies with threats like ransomware and zero-day exploits. At the same time, employees are more mobile than ever - and if your company has a bring your own device policy, they can even choose which devices they use. How do you solve this? By calling on Xylos to help you eliminate these threats, of course. How do we handle this? By protecting endpoints, mobile devices, servers and networks.

How can you use your cloud applications securely and confidently? Consider our Cloud Security services. They’ll give you insights into shadow IT, let you manage your data in cloud applications and protect you from threats targeting cloud accounts.

Most security technologies focus on keeping the perpetrators out. The difference with us is that we also pay attention to ‘keeping the good things in’. We protect you against involuntary data losses. Identity Driven Information Protection lets you verify the content of a document and determine who can view it, where they can view it and with whom you can share it. It doesn’t matter whether the user is internal or external.

Detect & respond

Every new challenge (e.g. mobility) or threat (e.g. ransomware) requires additional layers of protection, which makes things more complex. The average company doesn’t have the expertise or the necessary tools to handle this level of complexity. That’s why Xylos offers you the ultimate solution: our Managed Security Services! We’ll help you detect attacks and make sure you’re ready to respond immediately when a threat occurs.


Make sure you’re prepared for the worst. Xylos offers strategic advice for the continuity of your business and recovery after a crisis.

Yes, I want a complete security solution for my IT system.