Onboard your colleagues in 30 minutes 

Implementing Microsoft Teams is one thing, but it’s something else entirely to make sure your colleagues embrace the tool and use it correctly. With the Microsoft Teams Escape Game, you’ll achieve this in about 30 minutes. Not your everyday digital course, but a (half) hour of interactive learning fun.

Yes, I want my colleagues to learn how to use Teams efficiently


The game elements stimulate your colleagues’ motivation. This approach increases their engagement - and the training’s impact with it.

Save Time

Say goodbye to boring class courses. In this interactive, hands-on game, participants team up to track down hackers while discovering the answers to their practical questions about Microsoft Teams.

Easy implementation

You just need one tool to play the game: Microsoft Teams. In the fictional world of tomorrow, anything is possible. You can adjust the game to your company’s needs.

Start the game

Get access to the Escape Game:

  • Download the Escape Room app in the Teams App Store.
  • Click the ellipsis icon in the Teams menu, then click the Escape Room logo.
  • Choose from different the Escape Games

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Reached the finish line?

Have your colleagues finished the Teams Escape Game? Congratulations! Now, they can:

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Game duration
30-60 minutes

No. of players
2-5 players 



Target audience
Beginning Teams users