Screening the knowledge level

Based on intake interviews (on site or by phone) the Xylos training consultant can assess the current knowledge of each participant.  This also enables the training consultant to identify their exact training needs.
After screening, the participants have an overview of their knowledge/level regarding one or more packages and can decide which courses are most suitable.

The screening process

1. In consultation with the programme coordinator and/or participants, we choose a time for the screening to take place.
2. The participant is screened.
3. The user and the programme coordinator receive a report of the screening with a proposal for a training programme.
4. After approval of the proposed programme, the training course is planned.

Advantages of a screening

Homogeneous groups can be formed, which ensures the pace is optimal for each individual participant.  Naturally, this will improve the efficiency of the course.
The courses are compiled based specifically on the training needs as identified.

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