OASE: Office & Office 365 customized to suit your needs

The Office and Office 365 environment is regularly updated and new functionalities are added. Keeping abreast of the most important changes and learning to master these changes, so that you and your employees can continue to work efficiently with Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word or OneNote, is a continuous and time-consuming activity.

This is why our trainers have come together to create OASE.

OASE is an online video platform that is always accessible, irrespective of location and/or device. You will have quick access to more than 1000 animations focusing on Office & Office 365 programs. Learn how to use specific functions with the short ‘how to's’, or extend your knowledge by completing a course on a specific subject. All this in a safe environment, with short but powerful – and very important – validated content, compiled by experts.

With OASE, you choose to learn at the workplace and when the need arises

OASE responds to the 'instant' training needs of you and your staff, who will have access to the web platform 24/7. Your company will be given the opportunity to gain insight into the adoption of Office 365 by employees. What topics are popular, what they are looking for in Oase? Information which is very useful to detect and extra here at focusing on knowledge gaps.


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OASE: Office & Office 365 customized to suit your needs

Thanks to our online video platform, OASE, you and your employees can keep abreast of the most important changes in Office 365 and Office and learn to master these changes in no time.