Xylos wins PRO Super Star Award at LITE 2019


On Thursday, July 11th, Xylos won the Administrate PRO Super Star Award at LITE 2019 [link]. Administrate gave us this award because of the way we use Administrate’s software and because of the improvement ideas we suggested to them.

For a training organisation like Xylos, it’s crucial for the planning of trainings to happen flawlessly - for the customers as well as for the Learning Consultants. This is why Xylos decided to switch from its former system to Administrate.

Administrate is an SaaS solution, which means the software is always up to date with the latest trends in the training world. Trainings involve a lot of planning: you need to check the Learning Consultants’ availability and competences, the rooms and training locations, take care of administrative follow-up of training grants, invoicing, participant lists, evaluations, etc. Everything hinges on efficient planning.

After a thorough evaluation, Administrate emerged as the solution that caters to Xylos’ needs the best. Moreover, Administrate strives to have a strong partnership with its customers and is open to Xylos’ insights and suggestions to improve the tool even more. As a thank-you for our excellent collaboration, the Scottish company awarded Xylos with its PRO Super Star Award.

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