Ready for the apps era?


We are proud to announce the launch of IntoApps Belgium : a joint venture between Xylos and IntoApps Nederland. This joint venture will supply innovative business applications for the Belgian market. For example mobile apps, social media apps, web applications and also other innovative concepts such as the Internet of Things. 

IntoApps Nederland are among the top app developers with references such as KLM and Ikea. They know the optimal way to combine technology and design, and as a result have won several awards.

Some examples of their apps:

  • Sales applications: a mobile application to keep your sales assistants informed of the features of a new product or service
  • HR modules: a daily quiz question or short e-learning modules for knowledge enrichment or to motivate employees
  • Marketing apps: apps for campaigns, events or for sales support
  • Applications with iBeacons: iBeacons allows you to send Bluetooth messages to the smartphone of visitors who are close to the iBeacon. 

Read about the innovative concepts developed by IntoApps for companies such as Fiat, Samsung, TomTom and Pepsi. 

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