OASE at the Microsoft Success Event in Amsterdam


On 29 November 2018, OASE travelled to Amsterdam to attend the Microsoft Success Event. Everything revolved around the one keyword that appeared everywhere: change. Just like the other Microsoft partners, our OASE delegation consisting of Nhu and Liesbeth got the opportunity to pitch their product explain how it fits into the change story. They also had an OASE stand at the event, where interested visitors could find more information and request a demo account to try the platform.

Digitisation is impossible without change, and change is impossible without adapting. And how do you adapt? By offering knowledge and support. That’s exactly what OASE does: it’s not just an online video platform, it’s also a knowledge base and learning environment for Office 365 users. If you want to do something in a certain tool, but you don’t know how, you can easily find a tutorial in OASE and discover the answer by yourself. The search function is user friendly and the animated videos are short, so you don’t lose any precious time. It’s an efficient platform which reduces costs and improves skills, and you can even add your own content to it. What else could you want?

Do you want to know more about OASE? Would you like to request a demo account? Just visit our website or contact Liesbeth via oase@xylos.com or +32 2 264 13 20.

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