Welcome, Felicia! Meet our new Office 365 Coach


A new Office 365 Coach has recently joined our team. Meet Felicia! Thanks to her sales and operational experience, she can immediately pinpoint her students’ business needs and help them tackle their problems efficiently. She can’t wait to make our customers’ digital lives easier.

By way of introduction, we asked her some questions.

How did you find Xylos?

When I was looking for a new opportunity, I ended up on the Great Place to Work website. I was intrigued and started scrolling through the list of Best Workplaces. Xylos immediately stood out and when I visited the website, I saw a job opening for an Office 365 Coach that really appealed to me, so I applied immediately.

What are you looking forward to as an Office 365 Coach?

I’m eager to teach people new skills. I love it when people tell me certain tasks are so much easier after a training – it makes me feel like I’ve achieved my goal. In my previous job as a sales and operations manager, I regularly presented demos about our company’s software. I always thought this was the most fun part of my job – and now I get to do it all the time. It’s just perfect.

What’s your favourite Office application?

I’ll always have a soft spot for Word. It’s the application I’ve been using the longest and I can confidently say that I know it like the back of my hand. At my previous jobs, I helped everyone with their questions about Word, and I even made a new house style for professional quotes and other documents once.

Do you recognise yourself in Felicia? Do you enjoy rooting out problem areas and teaching others new skills? Would you be able to do so in several languages?  Be sure to check our Office 365 Coach job opening. E-mail yourjob@xylos.com or call 02 264 13 20 for more information.

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