Xylos’ step-by-step plan: How to make your webinars a success


Presenting a webinar or a short training can be quite stressful. What if my technology doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do? How do I keep my participants engaged? 

With this step-by-step plan, you can’t go wrong:

Step 1: Follow the online training ‘How to make your webinars a success (personal skills)

Step 2: Master your webinar software

Our experts are experienced in the following software: Teams, Zoom and Gotowebinar/Gototraining.  We offer targeted online trainings for each of these tools:

Step 3: Get advice from a coach for your first webinars

You prepare your first webinar and present a dry run to our expert.  Based on actual use cases, they then provide feedback and give pointers where needed. 

Are you interested in this step-by-step plan? Get in touch with Xylos at +32 2 264 13 20 or saleslearning@xylos.com.