January 2022

New Excel course


Are you a fan of IF and VLOOKUP functions? You may be interested to learn that Excel 365 now offers alternatives.  If you want to keep your knowledge of the functions up to date, then why not schedule this course for you and your colleagues!  In half a day you will once again be up to speed with all the new Excel functions!

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August 2021

Our summer discount is back ☀️


Our summer discount is back! Book your open course from today until August 31st, 2021 and get a 20% discount!

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February 2021

New training Power BI: How to understand and use reports


Power BI is hot. This powerful application lets you create reports that present data in a clear, informative way. However, if you’re not familiar with Power BI, it can be challenging to understand the reports others have created.  This online Power BI training helps end users to better understand and use these reports.

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January 2021

New online Excel course: Onwards to reliable data


You can create Excel workbooks as efficiently as possible – but when erroneous data creep into your workbook, that efficiency melts away instantly.

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How can our Change Consultants help you through your change projects?


Over the past months, many organisations actively started working online and rolled out Microsoft Teams. Unfortunately, efficiently transitioning into a digital workplace often proves to be a challenge, and some of the advantages offered by the new applications remain unused.

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December 2020

Change in migration to Office 365


When your organisation is going through change, the focus is usually on the technical aspects. Think of a migration to Office 365, for example.

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May 2020

Xylos’ step-by-step plan: How to make your webinars a success


Presenting a webinar or a short training can be quite stressful. What if my technology doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do? How do I keep my participants engaged? With this step-by-step plan, you can’t go wrong.

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April 2020

Online Coaching: you’ve got questions, our expert has the answers!


Do you have urgent questions about Excel, Project, Power BI or Adobe?  Our Office experts will gladly help you through online coaching!

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Virtual Office 365 workshops and online coaching


Some people are experienced Teams users, others are just taking their first steps with the software.  Several companies have sped up their Office 365/Teams implementation process to facilitate working from home during the corona crisis.  To ensure that users adopt these new applications smoothly, we’ve developed a wide offer of virtual workshops about Office 365.

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Xylos Learning blog: a source of Office 365 inspiration


All posts in the Xylos Learning blog are written by our Learning Consultants.  Thanks to their contributions, our blog is an invaluable resource full of information.  Because our Learning Consultants teach end users how to use Office and Office 365 efficiently every day, they know better than anyone what topics users generally struggle with.  

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February 2020

Learning Consultant in the spotlight: Nathan


Meet the newest addition to our team of Learning Consultants: Nathan! I asked him a few questions for a quick introduction.

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November 2019

Black Friday at Xylos: Book your ICT trainings with an irresistible discount


On Black Friday, businesses shower you with special offers – and Xylos joins the fun. Enjoy a discount of 50% or even more. If you were planning to book an ICT training with Xylos, grab your chance now! The discount code is: WPB8IZDL.

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October 2019

Special offer: Get a 10% Halloween discount when booking an open course


Oops. While you were busily typing away in Excel, you accidentally pressed the wrong key and messed up your workbook. While you’re frantically trying to fix it, your boss manifests out of thin air and looks over your shoulder… Luckily you can use our Halloween discount while booking your open course.

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Microsoft Teams: A new way of collaborating


Microsoft Teams has entered the field as the new corporate collaboration software. When switching to this powerful tool, its many features can make it difficult to figure out how everything works on your own. Xylos is here to offer support and answer any questions you may have.

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September 2019

NCOI Excel Experience Day autumn 2021


Do you want to boost your Excel skills? If so, be sure to attend the Excel Experience Day at the Holiday Inn Brussels Airport in Diegem. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced or even expert user – everyone gets the opportunity to learn something new.

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August 2019

Improve your knowledge with our Power BI blog series


Our Power BI consultants Frank and Johan share their expertise in a series of blog posts. Frank’s first post is about the difference between DAX and Excel formulas. Are you interested in following the series? You can find it here.

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Welcome, Felicia! Meet our new Office 365 Coach


A new Office 365 Coach has recently joined our team. Meet Felicia! By way of introduction, we asked her some questions.

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July 2019

Xylos wins PRO Super Star Award at LITE 2019


On Thursday, July 11th, Xylos won the Administrate PRO Super Star Award at LITE 2019 [link]. Administrate gave us this award because of the way we use Administrate’s software and because of the improvement ideas we suggested to them.

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March 2019

Kluwer Excel Experience Day 2019


Do you want to boost your Excel skills? If so, be sure to attend the Excel Experience Day at Business Faculty (Brussels). It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced or even expert user – everyone gets the opportunity to learn something new.

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February 2019

Keep your Power BI skills up to date with our new demo


There’s a new Power BI session in Xylos’ training offer: ‘Power BI: New features’. It's a half-day interactive demo. If you love Power BI as much as we do, you won’t want to miss this half-day interactive demo! Attend the english session on Tuesday 12 March in Brussels.

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December 2018

OASE at the Microsoft Success Event in Amsterdam


OASE travelled to Amsterdam to attend the Microsoft Success Event on 29 November. At the event, Nhu and Liesbeth talked about how the online video platform fits in the change story.

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November 2018

Don’t miss our Black Friday sale: a 150 EUR discount


Book your open course on Black Friday and get a 150 EUR discount on top of the standard 15% and 40% discounts for multiple registrations. How do you get the discount? Enter the code XEOURFTS at the end of the purchase process.

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October 2018

New: Kluwer Excel Experience Day in English


Kluwer decided to organise the very first English edition on 22 November at Business Faculty. Our trainers are looking forward to sharing their Excel knowledge with you.

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Discover what we’ve got in store for Halloween... if you dare!


Book an open course before 9 November and get a 10% discount.

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September 2018

Blog: 4 reasons to work with OneDrive


Need reasons why OneDrive is so interesting? Let’s see...

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June 2018

Successful collaboration with Office 365


Do you want to know how you can get the most out of Office 365 to collaborate optimally with your colleagues? Enrol in our course ‘Successful collaboration with Office 365’!

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Summertime! Get our summer discount ☀️


Summer is coming and to celebrate, we’re offering you a discount of 20%!

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March 2018

Say hello to our Microsoft Certified Trainer: Johan Vermeire


This just in: Our very own Excel Guru Johan Vermeire just got the seal of approval as Microsoft Certified Trainer!

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February 2018

New course: Windows 10 for End Users


Do you already use Windows 10? Or you plan on making the move to it? Either way, to help make working at your computer a more pleasant and efficient experience, it’s important that you know how best to work with the many functions of your Windows 10 operating system.

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Love is in the air... Discover our Valentine’s discount!


Cupid aims his arrows at those who are eager to learn. What's better than the gift of learning?

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This week's tip: How to take polls during your Skype meeting?


Ready to move away from the traditional way of holding meetings? Skype meetings have many advantages!

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November 2017

Go for an energetic start of 2018 with our free workshop


The New Year is just around the corner, full of new expectations and challenges. And this new chapter is also a time for New Year's resolutions. At Xylos and Business Faculty we are focussing on our clients' wellbeing. We are aiming for more energy and less stress. We would therefore like to invite you to our free ‘Boost your energy’ workshop on Friday 2 February 2018.

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August 2017

Come and join our free training "Digital well-being"


Have you noticed how your inner strength and enjoyment slumps in the course of the day? Then why not take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Xylos and Business Faculty invite you to re/discover your physical and digital well-being during a half-day course.

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June 2017

Investeer in jezelf met een Xylos Cocktail


Wil jij deze zomer je tijd ook optimaal benutten én in je kennis investeren? Dan zijn onze Xylos Cocktails vast iets voor jou.

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May 2017

Case: Spadel seamlessly switches to Office 365 thanks to OASE


Spadel, the Belgian drinking water producer, successfully migrated from Lotus Notes to Microsoft products including Outlook, Skype for Business and OneNote, with an online subscription to Office 365, in March 2017.

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Case: SABCA expects fewer cyber alerts after an awareness course from Xylos


Manufacturer SABCA wants to adequately protect itself against data loss. Generally, however, it is the computer users who are seen as the weak link in the security chain, and for this reason SABCA called on Xylos to set up an awareness course.

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December 2016

Save time in the workplace with our Digital Coach


Every day there are digital innovations that change the way you work. Our Digital Coach helps you to discover these new options and use them in the most efficient way.

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September 2016

Verken het magische SharePoint bos op onze 'I love SharePoint dag'


SharePoint is een technologie met veel mogelijkheden, maar om er optimaal gebruik van te maken is een goede kennis onontbeerlijk.Ben jij een end user of een key user (site owner)? Neem dan op 22 november deel aan de ‘I love SharePoint dag’ en krijg een antwoord op al je SharePoint vragen. Onze SharePoint experts helpen je bij het omtoveren van een blanco ‘SharePoint canvas’ tot een mooi en functioneel geheel.

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January 2016

Xylos webinar invitation: Working safely with your computer at work


Did you know that end users are the weakest link in computer security? Not everyone is aware of phishing, spear phishing and social engineering. Nowadays, the best way to avoid cyber attacks on your network is to increase awareness about the possible dangers when using computers.

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August 2015

Xylos and Neo at the VOV Exhibition


You're welcome to visit the VOV Exhibition on 24 November in the Brabanthal in Leuven; the ultimate fair for course managers.

While enjoying a delicious cup of gourmet coffee, we’ll tell you all about what we can do for you.

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July 2015

Ready for the apps era?


We are proud to announce the launch of IntoApps Belgium : a joint venture between Xylos and IntoApps Nederland. This joint venture will supply innovative business applications for the Belgian market. For example mobile apps, social media apps, web applications and also other innovative concepts such as the Internet of Things.

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