Word: Mailmerge


It is not easy to format and send mailings. However, Word offers a wide range of options that can help you simplify this task. Create labels, direct e-mailings and classic post mailings will no longer have any secrets for you.


After completing this Word course you are able to:

  • Set up ready-to-use mailings
  • Personalise letters and e-mails
  • Print the correct labels
  • Create ready-to-send envelopes.

Target Group

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to use Word for setting up efficient mailings.


Basic knowledge of Word.


Mailings and Labels

  • Different basic types of documents: Letters - Envelopes – Labels
  • Merging documents using the ribbon
  • Using different data sources: Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Sorting or filtering data sources
  • Defining the format
  • Using If… Then .. Else fields
  • Sending your mailing through Outlook

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