Remote training: How to make your webinars a success (personal skills)

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  • Duration: 1 hour


In this online training, we’ll shed light on the pros and cons of the largest webinar software providers: Zoom, Teams and Gotowebinar. Afterwards, we’ll zoom in on the skills you need to present an engaging webinar. How do you break the ice? How do you make participants interact with your webinar? How do you structure it? As an IT training business, we’ve been conducting online trainings and webinars for years. During this training, we’ll give you all the tips and best practices we’ve accumulated in that time.

This online training can be combined with the following software courses:

Each training will teach you all the ins and outs of its respective tool.

We also offer online coaching for people who are planning to present their first webinar. Our expert will follow the dry run of the actual webinar and give pointers where needed to make sure the presenter is confident and ready to go.

Target Group

Everyone who wants to give webinars.

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