Benefit from training grants

You may qualify for support for any of your Xylos training courses.

Do you work in an SME?

Use the SME Wallet subsidy to qualify for a partial refund of your registration fee. Your SME must meet the following conditions:

  • Have no more than 249 employees;
  • With an annual turnover of no more than 50 million euros;
  • Have registered offices in the province of Flanders (Vlaams Gewest) in Belgium;
  • And your company's activity must be on the list of specified NACE codes (not a non-profit organisation; professional practitioners do qualify).

The amount of support is in line with the size of your SME: 

  • Small enterprises (< 50 employees; annual turnover < 10 million euros) will receive a support rate of 30%.
  • Medium-sized enterprises (< 250 employees; annual turnover < 50 million) will receive a support rate of 20%.
  • Both small and medium-sized enterprises will receive up to 7,500 euros annually through the SME Wallet.

You can find more information by going to the SME Wallet website. The Xylos number to complete your request is DV.O225661.

Does your company belong to the chemical, plastics or life sciences industry (joint committee 116 or 207)?

Would you like to register a coworker for one of our courses? Did you know the costs will be paid back by Co-valent, the educational fund for blue-collar and white-collar workers in the chemical, plastics and life sciences industries? Take a look at their website (only in Dutch or French), call +32 (0) 2 238 99 24 or mail to for more information.