Remote training Time management in Teams: How to manage tasks

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We’re hyperconnected, always online and expected to process ever-increasing amounts of information. Our Outlook inbox is flooded with tasks every day, as are our Teams channels – and we often feel like we must immediately get to work and get all these tasks done. To keep some sort of overview, we try to structure our tasks as well as possible – but when you receive bits of information through different applications, structuring everything is easier said than done. Chaos ensues, you lose track of information and you can no longer see the wood for the trees.This generates a significant amount of stress.

In this course, we’ll show you how to prioritise tasks.The goal is to achieve more stability in your daily task list – and thus, more peace at work.

In this training, we’ll apply the time management principles proposed by David Allen (Getting Things Done) to the applications most end users work with: Teams and Outlook.You’ll also learn how to use applications like To Do and Planner to get your daily tasks done.

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This training will teach you:

  • Time management theory:
    • The 4 Ds of the Eisenhower Matrix
    • the basics of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” method
  • How to work with personal or shared task lists in Outlook and Teams:
    • Flags and tasks in Outlook
    • The Microsoft 365 Tasks by Planner app in Teams
  • How to manage tasks: using the To Do app to keep a clear overview

Target Group

This training is essential for all Microsoft 365 end users who want to work efficiently.


Participants must know the basic principles of Teams.



  • How am I working now? (roundtable discussion)

Which tools does Microsoft 365 give you access to?

The Microsoft 365 Radar

  • Outlook: working with flags & tasks
  • How to use Microsoft Planner (and when to use Lists)
  • How to use the Microsoft To Do app

Time management theory

  • The 4 Ds of the Eisenhower Matrix
  • Introduction to David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” method

Practical application of the theory to the tools

  • We’ll apply both theories to your tools with the help of a “day in the life of” scenario

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  • Planning

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