Remote training Teams: Getting started with Teams


Microsoft Teams offers everything you need to collaborate and communicate efficiently. Our Learning Consultant will guide you through the software’s possibilities. You’ll learn how to create a Team, share documents, manage chat and organise online meetings - shortly put, everything you need to get the most out of Teams.

Target Group

Beginner Teams users


What is Teams?

  • How does Teams compare to other communication tools? (Outlook, Teams, Groups, …)
  • Screen overview

Part 1 One-on-one chats

  • Exchanging files
  • Reopening chat

Part 2 Exploring Teams

  • Joining a Team
  • Creating a Team
  • Adding members
  • Adding files
  • Adding/removing channels

Part 3 How do Teams meetings work?

  • Linking your Outlook calendar
  • Planning a meeting
  • Attending a meeting
  • The difference between Teams meetings and live events

Part 4 Options

  • Teams App

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