Information security: working safely at your computer at work

  • Duration: 2 hours


How secure is your computer work environment?

  • Your company has a secure network and uses anti-virus programs and firewalls. You probably think you can do anything you like on your computer, without worrying. But is that really the case? Did you know that more and more digital attacks take place through the actions of an ordinary employee? Employees are the weakest link in computer security. Not everyone is aware of phishing, spear phishing and social engineering.

During this short, interactive training course, we will teach you how you, as an individual, can contribute to security at work.


Do not get caught out!

After completing this course :

  • You will be aware of the potential safety hazards when working on your PC
  • You will be able to recognize a phishing email
  • You will know what to look out for when surfing the web
  • You will know where to go if anything untoward happens

Target Group

All PC users.


No prior knowledge required.


Part 1: Who is targeted

  • Why you are important
  • Are you alert?

Part 2: Working safely at your computer at work

  • Social engineering • What is it • The techniques • The workplace
  • The dangers of e-mail • Private versus professional • Phishing • What to look out for • Spear phishing
  • The dangerous web • Browser and plugins • HTTPS navigation • InPrivate navigation • Social networks • Cloud computing • Mobile devices
  • How to manage passwords • Frequent problems • A strong password
  • WiFi and working from home • The danger of public networks • Home networking and network drives • Devices at home and when travelling
  • What to do if I notice something strange...?

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