Remote training Excel Power Query: Importing and editing data with Power Query


You often have to re-edit the data you enter into Power Pivot: splitting up the text into different columns, converting text to upper case, adding extra columns with certain calculations, filling up blank cells and much more. This means that you cannot use certain sources straight away, because you first need to delete unnecessary information. Or because that information has a different layout. With the aid of Power Query you can get around these problems without difficulty. You input the data, define what is to be done and then enter the optimised data, in Excel, or in the Power Pivot data model. And this without programming in VBA!


After this remote training, you can easily:

  • Input different data sources in Power Query
  • 'Mould' data so that it is ready to be analysed
  • Load data into Excel or in the PowerPivot data model

Target Group

Anyone who ends up having to re-edit data before it can be used in Excel or in PowerPivot .


A sound knowledge of Excel is required. Knowledge of PowerPivot is not required.


  • Where is Power Query in the Power BI story?
  • Importing data from different sources (text, all files in one folder, Facebook, SQL, Excel, Mail…)
  • Converting data (American/European format, changing data types, eliminating duplications, removing records, filtering, standardising, aggregations, filling blank cells)
  • Adding columns (calculations, merging columns)
  • Expanding tables with data from other tables (compare Vlookup)
  • Comparing tables (what is common to all?, only in Table 1?, all of the tables)
  • Merging similar tables (arranging horizontally)
  • Introduction to the M-formula language to write more powerful queries
  • Loading the query into Excel or the PowerPivot data model

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