Remote training Excel: Working with lists and tables

  • Version: Office 2016/Office 365
  • Duration: Half a day
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Understanding your Excel data

Do you have a huge amount of data? Good! But how to transform it into a manageable whole in order to obtain a comprehensible analysis? In this first part we will focus on converting your list into a table and how to optimise it for a powerful analysis.

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Target Group

Employees who regularly work with data lists in Excel and want to analyse their data.


Participants have completed an introductory Excel course or have the equivalent knowledge.


Lists and tables

  • What is a list or table in Excel?
  • What is the difference between a table and a database? (Excel <-> Access)
  • Split text quickly with Flash Fill
  • Defining a table
  • Choosing a table style using the ribbon
  • The ‘Table tools’ contextual tab
  • Defining your own table style
  • Formatting a table: banded rows, banded columns, show totals
  • Sorting a table
  • Filtering a table using the autofilter
  • Filtering a table using the advanced filter
  • Filtering a table using slicers
  • Converting a table back to a range
  • Adding calculated fields to a table

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  • Planning

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€ 255 VAT excl.
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