Excel PowerPivot: Module 2 - Functions for powerful data analysis

  • Duration: 1 day


Excel's strong data analysis tool PowerPivot? Get to know it better during our training course ‘Excel PowerPivot – Functions’!

You may already have noticed that PowerPivot contains a lot of new functions. Some of these functions are fairly intuitive to use, but for most you may need the help of a PowerPivot expert, using explicit examples to show you the true power of these functions in combination with PivotTables.

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It is important to have completed the course ‘Excel PowerPivot – Module 1: Introduction’.



  • Row Context
  • Filter Context
  • Query Context

General functions

  • Blank
  • Calculate
  • Countrows
  • Hasonevalue
  • Switch
  • Summarize

Filter functions

  • All
  • AllExcept
  • Earlier
  • Filter
  • Lookupvalue
  • Rankx
  • TopN
  • Values

Date and Time Intelligence functions

  • DateAdd
  • Datesbetween
  • DatesInPeriod
  • Datesytd/Datesmtd/Datesqtd
  • Endofmonth/Endofquarter/Endofyear
  • Firstdate/lastdate
  • Firstnonblank/Lastnonblank
  • Nextday/Nextmonth/Nextquarter/Nextyear
  • Previousday/Previousmonth/Previousquarter/Previousyear
  • SamePeriodLastYear
  • Startofmonth/Startofquarter/Startofyear
  • Totalytd/Totalmtd/Totalqtd

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Creating a KPI in PowerPivot

Cube functions (optional)

  • Convert data from PivotTables to functions

Working with multiple date fields (optional)

  • Multiple relationships between a table and the date table
  • Multiple date tables

Retrieving information from the model in Excel

  • Evaluate

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