Digital Coach

"The Flying Doctors share their knowledge in such a way that the employees themselves become experts”

Stefan Stas, Service Delivery Management at Engie Global Energy Management


You can count on our Digital Coach for First Aid for Office, Excel, SharePoint...

Every day there are digital innovations that change the way you work. Our Digital Coach helps you to discover these new options and use them in the most efficient way.

Our Digital Coach will come to you and your staff with real life answers to any ‘ad hoc’ questions about Office, Office 365, SharePoint... Make the most of your business applications with a combination of these quick contact moments and short demos, webinars and traditional training.

What can you expect from our Digital Coaches?

  • They promote true adoption of the software applications and hardware used in your organisation.
  • They bridge the gap between your IT department and end users.  With their help, the IT service stays up to date about the end users’ needs, and end users are more aware of what IT can do for them.
  • They increase your co-workers’ digital literacy and help them to work more safely, efficiently and with more job satisfaction, day after day.
  • They lighten the workload for your IT helpdesk by handling all functional questions about hardware and software.

A lot of customers such as Engie and Fluxys already use the Digital Coach Service. The Digital Coaches provide First Aid in the workplace to Office 365 users and guide them in learning how to optimize their use of Microsoft Office. The Flying Doctors are part of Engie’s phased plan to increase their staff's productivity. This leaves them more time to concentrate on their customers.

Your own Digital Coach?

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Case: Fluxys goes for Digital Adoption with our Digital Coach Service

Fluxys wants to switch to a new way of working. The Digital Coaches play a very important role in their Digital Adoption strategy.

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