Proximus prepares its employees for big data

‘Neo has the right background in education to create really good training materials in an e-learning scenario.’

Proximus wants to introduce all its employees to big data
Proximus Corporate University has developed a custom e-learning training course 
The PCU was created by the company management and the Neo project

Sensible innovation is one of Proximus’ key strategic core values. The telecom company wants to focus first and foremost on commercialising innovative solutions that offer real added value for customers, making life easier for them by enabling them to work better. Big data projects contribute to this sense of innovation. Proximus is working on its capacities to analyse data every day. The Proximus Corporate University has therefore developed, together with help from Neo Learning, two training courses to help new or experienced users discover or better understand the world of big data.

Seize commercial opportunities

The PCU first developed an e-learning module for colleagues who already had experience with big data in the context of their current role. This advanced scenario focuses on theory but also contains some statistics exercises. But big data isn’t just useful for IT professionals, which is why Proximus wanted all its employees to become familiar with it. The PCU therefore decided to also create a 30-minute introductory course for a wider audience. 

‘The concept of big data can be really useful for the sales, marketing and finance departments, or for HR in terms of recruitment, for example. So we wanted to explain a few key elements in simple terms, such as machine learning, parallel computing and predictive analytics, as well as provide some understanding of the commercial opportunities for our organisation,’ explains Juliette Agro, Learning & Development Manager at Proximus.

Neo’s pragmatic approach

Following a call for tender, Neo Learning was tasked with developing this introductory e-learning module. Denis Dorbolo: ‘Neo’s demos proved decisive for us. They quickly got to the essence of the issue, right from the very first meeting, which was very convincing for me. Their account manager was also very honest and realistic; he put all his cards on the table, which is the sort of collaboration I want. They also have a very flexible approach. We formed a really good team straight away.’

Because pictures say more than a thousand words, Neo decided to explain the concept of big data using detailed animations. ‘The visual representation of a complex concept like big data is no easy task, but Neo has the right background in education and graphic skills to make a good job of this,’ explains Juliette Agro. ‘They stuck to the graphical guidelines, and it’s turned out to be a really attractive module. In the space of just two months, they’ve translated the initial scenario from our team at the Proximus Corporate University into really great teaching material.”

Juliette Agro was also impressed by Neo’s project management, with its modular and agile development process, which enabled Proximus to provide feedback as and when the various chapters became available.


  • 3,000 the projected number of times that the training will be viewed 
  • 2 months to develop the e-learning course
  • 30 length in minutes of the introductory training 

Objective: Inspire 3000 colleagues

Since July, the course ‘Big Data: an introduction’ has been available in three languages: Dutch, French and English. A big communications campaign started for Proximus employees following the innovation week in September. ‘Big data isn’t just a fad but a real tidal wave. In 30 minutes the introductory course teaches our colleagues the core elements of what will be one of the most important cornerstones of our business over the coming years.’

Users follow the course at their own speed, all in one go or in separate chapters. It’s available for users in the Proximus e-learning system, so they have a useful reference that they can consult quickly and efficiently whenever they want.

"Neo’s demos proved decisive for us. They quickly got to the essence of the issue, right from the very first meeting, which was very convincing for me."

Denis Dorbolo, Learning Technology Specialist at the Proximus Corporate University (PCU)