Don't forget your status... in Skype for Business

You’ve got a busy day ahead and you really can’t afford to be interrupted all the time. But still, people keep bombarding you with chat messages and calls and you just can’t concentrate. Sounds familiar?

Microsoft ZoomIt: more than simply zooming in

Johan Vermeire

As a trainer, you’re not always in full control of your training environment. Sometimes, the quality of the only available beamer is so abominable that your participants can hardly read what’s on the screen. Or maybe the sun is shining in...

4 tips to bring structure into long, complex Word documents

Typing out an annual report, a manual or a working paper is much easier when you know the various possibilities in Word by heart. That’s what our open courses about Word are here for. Here are some tips to get...

Boring PowerPoint presentation? Not with animation

First impressions are incredibly important. They can really make you – and your company or project. The goal is to bring your message in an appealing way and show your professional skills at the same time, so that you and your project stick with your audience. Knowing your way...

OneNote tip 10: Find synonyms in OneNote

Tom Ysewyn

Here it it: the final OneNote tip in this series. Have fun learning! You're taking notes and you suddenly realise you've been using the word "notes" quite often. About time to come up with a synonym. How you do that in OneNote? Easy:...

How to create charts in Excel?

Charts are an excellent tool to create a clear overview of data in an Excel file. They look professional in a presentation and they help you interpret the data more efficiently. In this blog post, I’ll share some of the basics with you. Want to become a real Excel pro? Join one of our open courses!

Microsoft Teams: An introduction

Collaborating digitally as if you were sitting in the same office: that’s Teams in a nutshell. This new tool dovetails seamlessly with the modern way of working. What’s more: all Office 365 tools are linked to it. Teams is based on Office 365 Groups, but it works as a separate application.

Collaborating has never been this easy as with Microsoft Planner

Mail that goes missing, tasks that slip through the net, issues that are ambiguous. Sometimes, during a project, you can easily lose sight of the bigger picture, but fortunately Microsoft Planner puts an end to all that. In this blog, I'll be teaching you the basics of Planner: creating a plan, sharing it with colleagues and setting up a task.

Quickly find cell names and table names in Excel

Johan Vermeire

Sometimes a small tip can make a world of difference. The tip in this post is one of those. If you use Excel regularly, you will probably create tables from time to time. And, if you often enter functions, you probably make your formulas more readable by using cell names. If, several months later, you need to make any changes to the workbook, you might not remember the exact name of the cell or table, or...

Do's and Don't's on incorporating your visual identity in your Microsoft Office 2010 templates

Do's and Don't's on incorporating your visual identity in Office 2010 Including your corporate identity and branding in your company's documents has become increasingly important. Everything changes.. not only our visual identity, but also the software and the way you use your programs. We send more and more docum

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