What’s the difference between the Teams app and Teams Desktop?

Kurt Bolsens

Teams is available in three versions: you can install it on your PC, go to and log in with your O365 account to access the Teams web app, or install the app on your smartphone of tablet.

Create custom tags for specific mentions in Teams

Kurt Bolsens

Microsoft Teams lets you use @mentions by default. With this feature, you can mention a team to let every team member receive a notification, such as @demoteam.

Create OneNote notes based on an Outlook meeting

Kurt Bolsens

Did you know that OneNote is connected to several other Office applications?

Save time with Quick Steps in Outlook

Kurt Bolsens

Do you often perform the same series of actions on one e-mail, such as flagging it, marking it as unread, dragging it to a folder or assigning (or removing) a category to it? Do you often send the same e-mail to the same people?

How to add a SharePoint library to a Teams channel

Kurt Bolsens

Not all information in a SharePoint Team site is useful or should be accessible for all members of a team in MS Teams.  A solution for this would be to expand the Team site with extra libraries that are only accessible for certain members.

Tips for managers during the migration to Microsoft 365

Janne Maes

Organisations are environments of constant growth. How can they continue to improve themselves and their market positions? In most cases, new technology such as Microsoft 365 is the answer to this question. But it’s not enough to just focus on the technical aspects of change; the human aspects are at least equally important. Fortunately, many managers keep this into account during a change process.

How should you as a manager properly start and direct such a change project? We’ll give you 10 tips to keep in mind when your organisation gets started with Microsoft 365. 

Word’s Researcher feature: your trusty companion when writing an article

Kurt Bolsens

Imagine you need to write an article about a certain subject.  You open a new Word document... and then you realise you don’t know enough about the subject to fill up the page.  Don’t worry! Just let Word’s Researcher feature fetch the inspiration you need. Word Researcher lets you look for information on the Internet, refer to articles and images, or just set up your article’s structure without ever leaving your Word document. 

How to track a sent e-mail in Outlook

Kurt Bolsens

Imagine you’ve just sent an e-mail to Person X with an important question. You know from experience that Person X sometimes forgets to respond, so you’d like to keep an eye on this. But because the e-mail is in your Sent Items box, it might get lost between all your other sent items.  

Where do you find the link to your Teams meeting?

Kurt Bolsens

As a digital coach, I travel to our customers’ offices to answer their questions about MS Office and help them with any issues they might have.  Just recently, someone had accidentally removed the link to a Teams meeting in Outlook.  Their question was: “Where can I retrieve this link?”

If you ever find yourself in the same situation, just follow the steps below to retrieve the link to your Teams meeting.


Change Consultants, Microsoft, and an inspiring book: a foolproof recipe for change

Raf Danckaert

Change is a constant factor in our lives. Especially in the business world, we’re confronted with change on a very regular basis. Offline desktop applications have become outdated because they lack the advantages of online applications. For this reason, companies are steadily switching to Windows 10 and Office 365. These software packages are updated regularly throughout the year.

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