Work smarter in Microsoft Teams with / and @

Slash commands in Teams’ search bar are general shortcuts that help you look up information in Teams efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for saved items, unread items, files or commands, need to change your status or need help finding a Team or channel, / will be there for you. It replaces all other steps you’d normally have to go through. On top of this, a slash is all you need to start a chat or call someone, find a specific person’s activity and even find messages in which you were mentioned.

Just type ‘/’ followed by what you want to do. It’s that quick and easy.

Here’s an overview:

The importance of @ in Teams

@ commands are just as helpful as slash commands. You can start chatting with someone just by typing ‘@’ and selecting a name from the list of suggestions. If the person you’re looking for doesn’t show up in the list, continue typing their name until they appear, then press the TAB key to select them. You can now type a message, like you would in a chat window.

You can also use @ commands to look up specific places. The News app is always within reach as well, as are Wikipedia and YouTube. You can even open the Weather app to see the latest weather forecast.

Keyboard shortcuts

Here’s a last tip: type /keys to see an overview of all keyboard shortcuts. Use CTRL + E to go directly to the Teams search bar, for example.

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