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How secure is your company’s IT infrastructure? Whether your data centre is located on-premises, in the cloud or both, and whether your employees work on the internal network, on the road or at home: cyberattacks involving threats like ransomware and zero-day exploits always lurk around the corner. Want to know how you can prevent these viruses from harming your business and how you can adequately secure your network, mobile devices and servers? Read our bloggers’ tips and tricks.

Windows: Automatically lock your PC through your smartphone

Kurt Bolsens

Lock your PC automatically when you leave your desk!

If you need to leave your desk, even for just a moment, it’s a good habit to always lock your PC before you go.  For many office workers, this is already an ingrained routine because in an office environment, it’s important that no one can access what’s on your computer without permission. But even when you’re working from home, you should lock your PC when you’re away. Why? Because your status changes when your PC is locked, which is helpful for colleagues who might want to contact you through Teams or similar software.

Many experienced office workers habitually use the old keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + DEL, followed by ENTER. Windows 10 introduced a new way to lock your PC by pressing WINDOWS + L. But did you know that you can also automatically lock your PC through your smartphone?

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