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Do you need to start a new project, but you’re not sure how? Do you want to take your project management skills to a higher level? You can count on Microsoft Project, the tool that helps you take charge of your projects. Plan efficiently, save time, become more efficient and improve your project management skills. Our blog reveals the most useful tips and tricks to become an excellent planner.

Microsoft Project: Copy all your personal settings from one file to another

Pieter Bollen
When creating a new project you suddenly remember the time spend customizing views, tables, personal filters, reports, ….To avoid redoing this work, Microsoft Project offers an ‘Organizer’ from which you can simply copy all your personal items from one file to another file, even from and to the global template file.The ‘organizer’ is present on the developer toolbar (see Options/Customize Ribbon t…

Microsoft Project: TimeLine view - A compact timeline to overview your project

Pieter Bollen
Although MS Project offers an comprehensive list of views, you still crave for a compact overview on your tasks to keep project members up to date. MS Project offers a timeline view that offers a picture like, simple overview of your tasks and milestone in your project. The ‘Timeline’ is displayed in ‘split-mode’ at the top of the general project window. Therefore it can’t be displayed togethe…

Microsoft Project: Team Planner - Assigning tasks from a resource perspective

Pieter Bollen
Up till now, the most popular way to assign a resource to a task, is the default ‘Gantt-Chart’. Since Microsoft Project 2010 a new ‘Team Planner’ view is introduced to assign tasks to resources with a simple drag-and-drop functionality. You can move tasks from one resource to another, or simply time-shift the task for a specific resource. The ‘team planner’ view is resource based view which gi…

Microsoft Project: insérer la colonne Task Name

Katrin Kulawik
Savez-vous que lorsque vous supprimez par erreur ou consciemment la colonne Task name, il n’est pas si simple de la faire réapparaître à l’identique à l’écran…

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