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OneDrive for Business is an ideal solution for storing and sharing small or large files. You can access your documents anywhere and on any device, share them with anyone (including your colleagues, of course), and you can even protect your data or files. OneDrive for Business is the ultimate tool for optimal collaboration with your colleagues. Read our OneDrive blog posts to discover our tips and tricks for using OneDrive for Business as efficiently as possible.

Know what you’re sharing with whom in OneDrive

Kurt Bolsens

Security awareness in Microsoft 365 starts with the user

Before the cloud era, corporate data were managed by trained IT specialists. Then came the cloud, which has led to a major change: today, the end users themselves are largely responsible for their own data. This shift does come with a downside – it wouldn’t be the first time that someone accidentally shares a document with the entire company when only the CEO was supposed to receive it.

It’s vital that employees are well informed about saving and sharing documents via cloud applications such as OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint.

Storing files in the cloud has its advantages: you can access them anywhere and it’s cheaper, safer and more reliable.  Instead of e-mailing a file to 10 people, you can now share it and let 10 people edit it. They can even all edit the document at the same time!

But how do you make sure you don’t lose track of which files you’ve shared, and with whom?

4 reasons to work with OneDrive

Imagine this: you’re at home or on vacation and suddenly, you have an epiphany about a project at work. Of course, you’d want to write it down ASAP so that you don’t forget it. But did you know you can also enter your idea directly into the work document? If your document is saved to OneDrive, you can access it anywhere – even on your smartphone...

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