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Digitisation is good: it makes our lives a lot easier. But there’s a catch: we get distracted more easily and our work-life balance is often disrupted, which causes stress. In this part of our blog, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to handle all this digital activity. You’ll be able to finish small and larger tasks more smoothly, giving you inner peace and less stress.

Digital well-being: How to deal with your business mobile calls while on holiday

Katrien Vanherck
In recent years, I planned a digital detox for myself during our annual holiday escape. Once a year, far away from home and from all the stress, would be an excellent opportunity to fully recharge my batteries. However, whereas up until last year I simply did not take my smartphone or tablet with me (which is the best way to enjoy a digital detox), I now fail to keep this up. After all, it's use…

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