How to add a SharePoint library to a Teams channel

Not all information in a SharePoint Team site is useful or should be accessible for all members of a team in MS Teams.  A solution for this would be to expand the Team site with extra libraries that are only accessible for certain members.

How to expand the Team site with extra libraries?

To make these libraries easily accessible via MS Teams, you can create an extra Teams channel. For extra convenience, you can give it a name that clearly indicates the users (or user group) it’s intended for.

Next, follow these steps:

1.      Click the + sign at the top of the Teams window to add an extra app.
2.      Select ‘Document Library’.
3.      Select the Team site.
4.      Choose the library you need.
5.      Name the tab (the library’s name isn’t copied by default).

The library will now appear in a new tab.  The permissions for the documents in this tab are exactly as set up in the SharePoint environment. This means that you can be sure that other members of the Team can’t see these documents.

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