Word’s Researcher feature: your trusty companion when writing an article

Imagine you need to write an article about a certain subject.  You open a new Word document... and then you realise you don’t know enough about the subject to fill up the page.  Don’t worry! Just let Word’s Researcher feature fetch the inspiration you need. Researcher lets you look for information on the Internet, refer to articles and images, or just set up your article’s structure without ever leaving your Word document. 

How do you use Word Researcher? 

To open the Researcher window, you’ll need to go to the References tab > Research group > Researcher. The window will pop up to the right, where you can enter a query to start your search. 

Click a topic, select the content and use the ‘Add’ or ‘Add and Cite’ buttons to copy the content into your document, with or without citation. 

The sources aren’t just cited in the document, but also saved so you can easily put them in your bibliography. 

Please note:  Word Researcher is only available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese. 

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