Change Consultants, Microsoft, and an inspiring book: a foolproof recipe for change

Change is a constant factor in our lives. Especially in the business world, we’re confronted with change on a very regular basis. Offline desktop applications have become outdated because they lack the advantages of online applications. For this reason, companies are steadily switching to Windows 10 and Office 365. These software packages are updated regularly throughout the year.

It’s one thing to modernise your business technology, but it’s quite another to get your employees on board as well. Change is a process that requires a solid approach to be carried out successfully. In this blog post, I’ll give you three tips on how to handle change.

1. Let our Change Consultants assist you

Has your company switched to Office 365 and are you sure you’ve done everything to make this change happen smoothly, but are you still not seeing any results? Maybe there’s a detail you haven’t thought of. This happens often - after all, change processes are rarely simple and straightforward. Luckily, our Change Consultants are experienced in guiding change processes towards success. They’ll gladly help you and give advice whenever needed. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

2. Read the book inTEAM

Are you an employee or a manager and do you want to know how to handle change, or are you just interested in how change processes work? If so, inTEAM is our top book recommendation. Three Kind & Gezin employees wrote the book to set up a framework and offer their readers useful tools and methods. We also recommend our blog series about change, which you can read here. A little preparation goes a long way.

3. Discover Microsoft’s help functionalities

You can easily discover the newest Microsoft updates yourself, because the company communicates openly about updates to its applications. Where do you find these updates? Just follow these steps:

Windows 10

  • Go to your desktop and press F1 to see some useful websites in Bing.

  • After every Windows update, you’ll see a notification with a summary of what’s new. Just make sure notifications are turned on. Check the image to see where you can find this option.

Office (Word, Excel…)

  • Press F1 OR click Help in the menu and click or type ‘What’s New’.

  • Go to File --> Account --> What’s New.


Read up on change processes to learn the basics and let Change Consultants take care of the finer points for you. They’ll help you stay one step ahead of the obstacles that come with implementing changes. 

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