Share information more efficiently by forwarding e-mails to Teams

Say goodbye to copy-pasting text! Would you like to share information from an e-mail with your Team in a more efficient way? Just forward it to the Teams channel you’d like to share it in.  

How do you forward an e-mail to a channel? 

  • Open Teams and go to the relevant channel. 
  • Click the ‘More options’ button (the three-dot icon behind the channel name). 
  • ​Click ‘Get e-mail address’ in the menu. 


  • Copy the e-mail address with the Copy button. 
  • ​Forward your e-mail to this address.  

Your e-mail will appear as a message in the channel and Teams will automatically create a new folder in the ‘E-mail messages’ files tab. This is where the e-mail will be stored.  

Good to know: you can create an Outlook rule to instantly forward specific e-mails to this channel. Have a look at our Outlook trainings to learn more about this.  

Can’t get enough of Teams? Click here to see our Teams trainings.  

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