Bulk create Teams Meetings based on an Excel list

As an HR, marketing or operational team member, you may have been confronted with situations where you need to set up individual Teams sessions for a series of colleagues.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just create and describe those sessions in an Excel table and use that table to create all sessions automatically in Teams at the push of a button?

Well… you can! Power Automate makes it easy to set up automations like this one.

Power Automate automatically sets up your Teams meetings

You’ll start with an Excel source file in which you create a table with the necessary fields. This Excel document needs to be saved in OneDrive.

Next, you’ll create an instant cloud flow in Power Automate.

The first step in such a flow consists of triggering it manually.

After this, the system needs to read the source file to fetch the list of events you want to create.

To do this, you’ll need to add a step where you can choose between different connectors. In our case, we’ll opt for Excel Online and the function ‘List rows present in a table’. Next, we’ll select the location, the file, and the table to be used as the source file.

Power Automate now has access to the list of events to be created.

The following step is to add a Teams function to create meetings.

This step will appear in an ‘Apply to each’ group because we’ll execute it on a list – in other words: for each record on that list. Because we’re starting from an Excel file, we’ll need to adjust the formatting of the date fields for Power Automate.

After this, we’ll select the available fields in the Excel document to set up Teams events, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Alternatively, you could save the result in a second Excel file, for example.  This could be necessary or useful for several purposes, such as bulk uploading these sessions into an LMS tool.

Of course, you’d need to add an extra step to the start of your flow to read and empty the result file.

As you can see, Power Automate offers endless possibilities to make work easier – and much more efficient – for you.

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Yugon Chobanoff

Hi Frank.
Great article. I was wondering if you could share your Excel Document and the what the settings on the "Convert Date/Time to UTC" sections of your flow are?
Thanks mate.

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