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Please do not disturb: Sheet Views in Excel

Did you know? Sheet Views have been around for a while in the online version of Excel, but now they are also being added to the Excel desktop app.

We are increasingly working together on documents. This means that we more frequently open and edit documents at the same time. Sheet Views allow different users to use their personal filtering and sorting simultaneously. And yes, without affecting your colleagues.

In fact, we’re talking about specific ‘views’ here. In order to use them, the file in question must be stored on OneDrive or SharePoint.

Confident typing? Use the AutoCorrect options.

Typing quickly - never mind touch-typing: it's not for everyone. Are there specific recurring words or phrases you need to use in written correspondence that you still haven't got the hang of? Recognising your own typing errors is bound to leave you frustrated. Good news! With AutoCorrect, you're in charge of your own Zen.

In Microsoft Office, every user can rely on an AutoCorrect file. This file is hidden somewhere deep in the C-drive, but can be accessed via the AutoCorrect options window.

An interactive overview in a PowerPoint presentation: the Summary Zoom

When giving a presentation, i.e. in Slide Show mode, many people tend to prepare the slides in a strict sequence. This can result in a presentation with many ‘intermediate slides’ which show the overview or agenda of the presentation.

But these intermediate overview slides are not actually necessary. You can easily switch between overview and a specific topic/slide in the presentation, without the need to manually create specific slides for this purpose.

In PowerPoint, you can use the Summary Zoom. This will result in an interactive slide with a corresponding zoom effect, which gives you an extremely easy way to move around your presentation. You're probably thinking 'that's a lot of work..'. No, not at all, it only takes a few clicks.

SharePoint: How do you create a news post?

Communicating regularly and clearly is essential if you want your colleagues to stay up to date. One way to do this is by publishing news posts, which you can enhance with images, photos and an attractive layout. 

SharePoint: Discover the power of the Hero web part

With the Hero web part, you can make your SharePoint site look even more appealing and draw attention to certain parts of it. It’s a standard component of communication sites, but you can add it to other pages as well.

SharePoint Online: How do you create a communication site?

SharePoint Online lets you create two kinds of sites: team sites and communication sites. In this blog post, we’ll focus on how to create a communication site.

4 helpful tips for Office 365 Planner

Microsoft Office 365 Planner is a very useful tool – if you know how to use it, that is. To help you navigate your way through it, we’ll sum up four useful facts that will let you master the tool in no time. In this blog post you will learn about Copy plan and Copy task and how to connect Planner to Excel, Power Automate and Outlook.

Which SharePoint version are you using?

At the start of a training, we usually ask the participants which version of SharePoint they’re using. And the answer is often: “I don’t know”.

That’s not surprising, because SharePoint doesn’t have a version button or an ‘About’ section where you can find this information.  Still, it can be helpful to know which software version you’re working with – when you’re following a SharePoint training, for example 😊.

Work smarter in Microsoft Teams with / and @

Slash commands in Teams’ search bar are general shortcuts that help you look up information in Teams efficiently. @ commands are just as helpful as slash commands. You can start chatting with someone just by typing ‘@’ and selecting a name from the list of suggestions.

PowerPoint: From screenshot to screen video

PowerPoint has a different version of the Screenshot feature. It’s called Screen Recording and it’s also located on the Insert tab, under the Media group to the right. The icon shows a video camera instead of a photo camera, indicating that you can use it to capture a video instead of an image.

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