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OneNote tip 10: Find synonyms in OneNote

Tom Ysewyn

Here it it: the final OneNote tip in this series. Have fun learning! You're taking notes and you suddenly realise you've been using the word "notes" quite often. About time to come up with a synonym. How you do that in OneNote? Easy:...

OneNote tip 9: Password-protect your notes

Tom Ysewyn

You share your notebook. Great! But, maybe you don't want to share all your information? In that case, go to the page you want to protect and, in the ribbon, select the Review tab and then Password. An additional window appears to the right of your notes, where you select Set Password. Enter your chosen password twice and click Lock All in the window on the right. Your page is locked to anyone who…

OneNote tip 8: Share your notes with your colleagues

Tom Ysewyn

Here I am with another OneNote tip! Did you miss out on the previous tips? No worries, you can find them on my page. Sharing is caring!One of the huge advantages of a digital notebook is the ease of sharing. Share your insights with your colleagues by selecting File and then Share. You can specify email addresses of the lucky recipients and a simple click on Sh...

OneNote tip 7: Transform your notes into Wiki pages

Tom Ysewyn

A new month, a new OneNote tip! In our last tip we showed you how to add screenshots to your notes. In the following blog post, we'll focus on working more efficiently. Ready to get inspired? Here we go…Wiki is Hawaiian for fast, quick, agile. Do you want to navigate pages faster than an agile Hawaiian, so you can book your well-earned holiday in Hawaii even quicker? Put the title of the page to w…

OneNote tip 6: Adding screenshots to your notes

Tom Ysewyn

Taking screenshots while working in any program is easy. Press the Windows + Shift + S keys and your screen content is overlaid by a milky-white filter. Then, use your mouse pointer to draw a frame around the content you want to capture and it's ready. Paste the image into your notes wherever you want. Discover more tips and tricks through one of our OneNote-courses and keep an eye on my blog pag…

OneNote tip 5: Efficient meetings - let the tool do the work for you

Tom Ysewyn

Surely you don't want to type all the participants' names yourself?Invariably, the start of a meeting is a hectic time for the person taking the notes. This busy stage, in which you are frantically writing down all the details of the meeting, and compiling a list of who is present and who is absent, is reduced to just a few mouse clicks thanks to OneNote. This frantic time of taking down details o…

OneNote tips 3 and 4: OneNote in an Excel way

Tom Ysewyn

Ready for 2 brand new OneNote tips? Here we go… A spreadsheet with complete Excel functionality? OneNote can do it all!You can create or add an existing spreadsheet to your page by going to Insert in the ribbon and selecting Spreadsheet.From now on, you won't be needing your pocket calculatorDon't need all the Excel functionalities, but want to make a quick calculation? Type the numbers, add "is …

OneNote tip 2: Lifeline for dynamic meetings

Tom Ysewyn

Here I am as promised with the following OneNote tip on how to become a pro! Did you miss our first tip? Make sure to check out my page to stay up-to-date. Here we go… What if people keep going off on a tangent during the meeting? You'll always have a lifeline to help!It may sound familiar: you're in a meeting, diligently typing notes, when the discussion suddenly moves too fast for you to keep u…

10 OneNote Tips on how to become a pro

Tom Ysewyn

Once you start taking notes in OneNote, you can leave your old notebook at home when you go to a meeting or a training course. OneNote lets you jot down everything you need to remember at the speed of light. But how fast is your "lightning speed"? Are you ready to switch to the speed of light? Then read our OneNote tips over the next few weeks and impress your colleagues with your digital note-tak…

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