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Change Consultants, Microsoft, and an inspiring book: a foolproof recipe for change

Raf Danckaert

Change is a constant factor in our lives. Especially in the business world, we’re confronted with change on a very regular basis. Offline desktop applications have become outdated because they lack the advantages of online applications. For this reason, companies are steadily switching to Windows 10 and Office 365. These software packages are updated regularly throughout the year.

How to link OneNote notes to PowerPoint slides

Raf Danckaert

While attending a presentation or meeting, it can be a good idea to take notes. If you have the PowerPoint file, you can just type your notes in the slides or in the text pane below. But you can also take notes in OneNote and link them to your slides.

Windows 10: Save storage space with these 2 OneDrive features

Raf Danckaert

‘No storage space left’ is one of the most annoying problems you could be confronted with. Of course, you could just dump everything in the cloud – but sometimes, it’s easy to have your files saved locally as well. OneDrive and OneDrive for Business have two features that can help you save storage space. Here’s how to use them.

Windows 10: Find your favourite contact in no time with People

Raf Danckaert

There are probably some people in (or outside of) your company with whom you communicate more than with others, be it via Skype, e-mail or another channel. But if you need to look up their contact information every time you need them, communicating becomes a bit of a pain. Of course, you could just save them as favourites, but what if I told you there’s a faster way to contact your favourite recipients?

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