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Automate actions in your Power BI report with Power Automate

Jeroen De Bruyne

We often look at the data in a Power BI report and take action based on what we see.

If I pull a list of pending tasks from a report and filter them based on their due date or priority, I’ll likely see a few urgent tasks and want to send out reminders to the colleagues they’re assigned to. Of course, I could write a new e-mail for every task and include the necessary details manually - but that would be an incredibly time-consuming and tedious job, wouldn’t it?

Luckily, we can count on Power Automate to make things easy for us.

Discover the advantages of the Azure Maps visual

Jeroen De Bruyne

Power BI offers a range of beautiful visuals that help you present your data in an attractive way. Sometimes, this may lead to a choice overload: which visual fits your purpose best?

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