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SharePoint Tip for Site Owners: How-to-URL?

How to create a readable URL? Our SharePoint gives you 3 practical tips in this blog post. URL's: the 101 In SharePoint, every page you open has an associated url. Unfortunately, in SharePoint, the urls are stored in variables with a space limited to 255 characters. This means that if you get lengthy with your urls you may encounter the following error message: So: Keep your URL's short, an…

SharePoint Design Tip: should you use folders?

SharePoint has the reputation of being this tool in which you're not supposed to use folders. "What exactly is wrong with folders?", I get asked that question many times by different types of SharePoint users so I decided I'd illustrate some possible issues with using folders. Suppose that your company provides two services, A and B, and has three customers, 1, 2 and 3. Now your services come wi…

SharePoint Tips for Site Members: Manage Alerts

Keep an eye on your SharePoint libraries with Alerts If you're working with lists and/or libraries in SharePoint you'll most likely want to keep a close eye on possible changes, made by either yourself or your co-workers. SharePoint therefore offers you a great functionality called 'Alert me'. You can configure them as you please and it gives you the option to receive an e-mail notification when …

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