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How to take polls during your Skype meeting?

Ready to move away from the traditional way of holding meetings? Skype meetings have many advantages! Just think of the time saved or the traffic jam you potentially avoided trying to get all parties at the same location at the same time. And, who says that Skype meetings can't be equally interactive? They can - by using the poll functionality. This will give you instant feedback from your partici…

Excel keyboard shortcuts: 3 handy tips

In my previous blog post, I gave you a handy shortcut in Excel. Ready for more? Discover 3 time-saving tips in this blog post. Entering today's date You don't always have a calendar available, and, because of our hectic lives, we may forget today's date. To avoid wasting time, you can insert the...

Work smarter with Outlook

We recently shared three Outlook tips for managing your mailbox and agenda efficiently. Ready for more? Keep reading… 1: Converting a message into an appointment You've received an invitation to a training session with all the necessary details in the e-mail. How will you remember all that info? Convert the message into an appointment! Click on the message and drag it towards the Calendar icon…

Three Outlook tips for managing your mailbox and agenda efficiently

Save time and work more efficiently with Outlook thanks to a fresh series of tips by our Learning Consultants. Discover three powerful tips in this blog post: 1: No more endlessly typing the same bits of text. Use 'Quick Parts' Do you often use the same bits of text in your messages to communicate information to other people? If so, use the Quick Parts function to save time by inserting bits of …

Excel: format numbers using one shortcut key? No problem!

As a Project Coordinator, it's important to me to maintain my skills and keep up-to-date. Also, at Xylos we strongly believe in the principle of ‘Drink your own champagne’, so we regularly sign up for our own training courses. For this reason, I recently took part in our Excel - Introduction course, and it turned out to be the perfect refresher course I needed.

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