“Perhaps planning and implementing changes are not always on your agenda, for us they are a permanent fixture”

We live in a world where technology creates accelerated change. Companies that are able to respond, will always benefit through a competitive advantage.

Change (and the resistance to change)

Change requires flexibility.  Not least from your IT department, which serves the business by enabling change. And also from your users, who need to adopt a new way of working. Since people often have a natural resistance to change, this is not always easy.

Fortunately there is a solution

By carefully guiding your employees through the changes, and by communicating regularly right from the beginning of the change period, it is possible to immediately nip a large amount of resistance in the bud. And this is where we fit in. Perhaps planning and implementing changes are not always on your agenda, for us they are a permanent fixture. We train and supervise employees in many sectors and industries, and at all company levels in the hierarchy.

Our focus

  • Change management. We advise and assist your company throughout the change processes, such as when migrating to the latest software.
  • Structural communication during IT projects. Our communication specialists are fully up-to-date with IT topics and end user requirements. They are well placed to assist your IT department in carrying out the best communication messages.   
  • User adoption. To develop a communication and training plan in order to bring about innovations and to bridge the knowledge gap.  
  • Organize courses to increase knowledge and improve efficiency in the execution of daily tasks.

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OASE: Office & Office 365 customized to suit your needs

Thanks to our online video platform, OASE, you and your employees can keep abreast of the most important changes in Office 365 and Office and learn to master these changes in no time.