Investing in cyber security?
Start with your employees.

Risks reside in small corners

Now that for professional purposes we all communicate online and cloud services have become the norm, the risk of cyber-attacks from outside our organizations increases exponentially. According to research, +80% of all successful security breaches start with employee negligence or mistakes.
And the consequences are enormous. Think of large-scale data breaches that cause large organizations having to pay millions in order to get their data back. Not to mention the costs associated with being out of business for days or weeks.

Reinforce the weakest link

The weakest link in your security policy are your employees. But they don’t have to be. Start an internal Xylos InviQta campaign and raise your security awareness to a master level.

01. Baseline test

To measure is to know. At the start of the campaign, identify the greatest weaknesses with a baseline measurement and tackle any potential issues in a targeted manner. 

02. Awareness

Engage and motivate your employees to contribute to a structured culture of security. Teach them to recognize and report threats. 

03. Competence

Sharpen up the knowledge of your end users with targeted training. Activate them to use the new insights to report suspicious emails and have them checked by our expert, with a simple click. 

04. Master

Offer courses that reach up to a master level and arm employees against business and department specific phishing mails.  

Cybersecurity in 2020:
analysis and remedy

Along with digital evolutions, the cyber risks to which organizations are exposed have increased. What does cyber security look like in 2020? What will be the impact during and after COVID-19? We investigate and show you how your own employees can make a difference. 

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What makes InviQta a guaranteed success?


Gamification elements are woven into the campaign, so the training provides your employees with intrinsic motivation.


Compelling storytelling through a fictional hacker who challenges your employees one year long and engages them.


Complete peace of mind thanks to a Xylos campaign manager who monitors everything from A to Z.


Efficient and tailored to the organizational culture, concise, to the point and mobile friendly!


Quarterly reporting with clear, instructive insights. Followed by an adjustment of the campaign where necessary.

Ready to build a human firewall with your employees

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