Enhance your productivity with the help of Connected Factory

Industrial installations are equipped with sensors, which means they generate valuable data. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that these data often aren’t used optimally and/or are buried in legacy systems.

To make the most of these data, you’ll need to start communicating with your production process – in other words: to connect your workplace, installations and your production processes to the Internet of Things. This gives you insights that you can use to make informed, (pro)active decisions and optimize processes. In short: a Connected Factory.

Curious to find out if your data contain unexpected, valuable information? Continue reading to learn how Xylos can help you gain new insights!

Industrial Internet of Things leads to profit!

If we take a good look at today’s market, smart products and overall digitisation immediately stand out. There’s an increasing amount of services making (independent) decisions based on external data. Just look at June: this smart energy service makes decisions based on external data, such as energy rates and real-time metering information. Which decisions does it make? Profitable ones. For example, June makes sure you automatically switch to the cheapest rate and supplier.

Of course, the applications and environments used by private persons are different from industrial processes, installations and production lines. The process is more complex, there are more data points, and the hardware is industry-grade. But if a consumer who uses a limited amount of energy could save hundreds of euros per year by reading one or several data points, what’s the potential profit for a full production line?


... the possibilities are endless.

Think of the following:

  1. Predictive maintenance: use machine learning to predict early on when and where something could go wrong in a process.
  2. Reduce waste and unwanted byproducts thanks to improved insights.
  3. Detect trends or anomalies that influence the quality and/or process efficiency.
  4. Release insights or readings to customers in real time.
  5. Compare the productivity of your production lines.

Components of a Connected Factory initiative

The complete Connected Factory concept is split into two important elements. Allow us to explain:

Capturing data (in real time)

As we mentioned earlier, we know that industrial installations already generate data: they’re equipped with sensors which send out signals, which are collected in a controller such as a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Everything you need is already there. You just need to learn how to use it.

That’s where Xylos comes in! We use an industry-grade HPE IoT Gateway to connect with the existing installations (controllers). This Industrial Internet of Things Gateway is a complete solution to connect with local controllers from different manufacturers by using standard products (e.g.: OPC UA). The gateway has a standard secured connection to Azure.

Xylos provides a standard template which consists of Azure components (IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, …). It captures the signals from the Industrial Internet of Things gateway in real time and stores the data in a central location.

Analysing and interpreting data (in real time)

You can use a reporting tool or BI service to present your data in an insightful manner. Xylos recommends PowerBI as a visualisation tool because of its broad range of possibilities to present data in real time, create dashboards, etc. Additionally, this tool can be incorporated within self-service BI. In this scenario, the user can...

  • ... read and edit existing reports;
  • ... generate their own reports and dashboards in a personal workspace;
  • ... share reports and dashboards with colleagues and external users;

It’s also always a good idea to implement Azure machine learning techniques. These use historical and real-time data to detect anomalies and trends – and to predict events.

How? Via Connected Factory in 5 Days.

Our slogan? The numbers tell the tale! Because cliches are cliches for a reason. So, what will we measure? Mostly production lines and devices: these two can (and will) supply lots of valuable information.

With ‘Connected Factory in 5 Days’, we’ll introduce you to Industry 4.0 and teach you how to get insights out of your data. Do you already know how to use your data, but do you want to expand your knowledge? Do you want to learn how to use the newest Cloud techniques? It’s all possible. All you need to do is contact Xylos!

Ready for quick wins and structural optimisation?

If your answer is yes, Connected Factory is everything you’re looking for! We’ll make your (now unused) data visible and accessible, so that the road to valuable insights, quick wins and structural optimisations is clear. Contact Xylos for more information!

Yes, I’m ready for the digital transformation of my production process!