Our unique approach: success guaranteed

Employees are the beating heart of every business.

Want to make your new project a success? Get your employees involved from the start and always inform them of upcoming changes in a timely and comprehensive manner. Our trainings revolve around user adoption, because if nobody uses your awesome new technology, it’ll never live up to its potential. That’s why it’s important for all employees to accept, know and consistently use the IT tools available to them. But how exactly do you inspire your employees to commit themselves to this? Xylos is here to help.

4 steps to increase your productivity

The possibilities of technology are evolving rapidly. Still, we’ve noticed that end users often stick to their old ways of working, which usually results in a digital user gap. It’s our goal to close this gap by letting end users embrace new ways of working and collaborating. This way, you can increase their productivity. Just follow these four steps:

Step 1:

Listen to your employees.

People want to be heard. That’s why we pay you a visit at the start of the project and listen to the personal needs of as many end users as possible. We organise workshops to give everyone the opportunity to actively take part and share their opinion. The purpose of these workshops? We want to discover as many improvement areas as possible and determine how we can improve these together with your employees.

Step 2:

Psych up your employees.

We make a point of communicating regularly and clearly about upcoming changes. We explain the benefits of the new way of working. We psych up your employees by handing them a solid base of information – after all, transparent communication is one of the keys to make changes work! 

Step 3:

Keep inspiring.

During the process, we pay a lot of attention to user adoption to keep innovating. To do this, we use a broad range of inspiring educational tools, such as coaching, class courses, webinars, e-learnings, ... In other words: we make sure your changes get implemented successfully by inspiring your employees, day after day. 

Step 4:

Continued support.

During an implementation, we usually train a few employees within the company to become coaches. We also offer practical online training platforms that are always up to date. Need more support? You can have our experts refresh your memory at set intervals. In any case, you can count on Xylos for continued support – even after the implementation has finished.