Turn your employees into Smart Digitals

Every business is becoming a technological organisation in one way or another, and only those who optimally use their IT solutions will keep making a significant impact on the market: they offer better customer service, attract the most talented employees and know how to keep them motivated.

Who are these businesses who optimally use their IT solutions? These are the companies who actively make sure their employees use the tools and platforms available to them. Because your employees’ productivity will only increase noticeably if they accept and use these IT tools in their daily activities.

In other words: these companies have turned their employees into Smart Digitals. Are you next?

How does Xylos transform your employees and customers into Smart Digitals? With the right digital support.

We ensure every customer and employee is successfully transformed into a Smart Digital: a committed, productive partner who knows how to get the most out of the available technology. The transformation process is always focused on the end user; we actively listen to their needs and suggestions. Our support includes e-learnings, class courses, digital coaches, our online knowledge platform OASE, and more.

Choose the support options your company needs.

That’s it: you pick what you, your employees and/or your customers need most. For example, you could opt for...

... our open courses. Xylos’s trainings focus on IT-related topics. Their content is always determined by our trainers and learners, who adapt each training to suit the needs of your organisation.

... our custom tracks. These are tailored to your business, so that they’re perfectly cut out to help you achieve your goals. Custom tracks usually include hybrid educational methods, such as digital teasers, class courses, coaching, e-learnings, ...

... digital learning. Want to turn your preferred training into a unique experience? Try our brand Neo Learning’s surprising, innovative approach. Click on the link to learn more! 

Are you looking to boost your customer service? Want to unlock your employees’ full potential and attract new, talented employees? Let us know! We’ll gladly visit you to work out a plan.

YES, I want Smart Digitals in my company!