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Implementing professional IT solutions is only the first step; it’s just as important to make sure your employees and customers use the available technology, master it and keep their knowledge up to date. In other words: you need to transform your customers and employees into committed and productive Smart Digitals. Want to know more? Read on.

4 steps to increase your productivity with Xylos.

Xylos is the market leader for end user solutions – and we didn’t get there by accident. Our 30 years of experience, in which we’ve trained +500,000 users, certainly play a part, but our real secret to productivity and efficiency is our unique approach. 

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Learn more efficiently with Xylos and Neo.

Xylos offers several solutions that can be tailored to your organisation and employees. Click here to discover how we can turn your employees into real Smart Digitals!


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Everything starts with efficient communication!

Are you on the verge of migrating to new software? It’s exciting, but remember that it means a significant change to your employees and their work routine. This often causes stress – and sometimes, people even refuse to adopt changes. You can avoid this by keeping your employees closely involved in the process. Need help? Xylos is here for you!

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The advantages of Xylos support

Why should you choose Xylos support? Because even after your transformation, you can count on Xylos to provide coaching and guidance tailored to your company. Need an example? Every Smart Digital has access to our online knowledge platform, where they can discover how to use the newest updates to work even more efficiently.

Stay ahead of the competition.

You’re always the first to hear about the newest technological developments, so you can immediately implement them to boost your customer service.

Work securely and be GDPR compliant. Always, everywhere.

The new GDPR legislation profoundly impacts our daily work methods. We’ll teach your employees and customers how to work faster, more securely and in accordance with this important law. Always, everywhere.

Boost your success with productive Smart Digitals.

Smart Digital employees make (more) efficient use of technological tools. In other words: they work more efficiently, don’t waste time - and they all contribute to your company’s success.

Technology evolves. Don’t stay behind.

Use our online knowledge platform Oase to keep track of every change and update - and learn something new every day thanks to our video tutorials.

The IT department didn’t always have a very positive reputation, but this project was a turning point, mostly thanks to Xylos’s new system. The pressure on the IT department has diminished significantly and our employees are very satisfied: thanks to Xylos’s experienced coaches, they can keep learning.

Stefan Stas, Manager Service Delivery Management, Engie

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